Strain Review: Yoda OG by Fresh Baked


Lineage/Genetics: OG Kush

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: Fresh Baked

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Yoda OG Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

@fresh_baked__ @krd_inc @slavery_baker
THC: 30.82% TOTAL: 37.14%
Harvest: 1-13-22 packaged: 1-28-22

Weight check 100/100
3.54 > 3.50

AROMA- 94/100
LOUD. Hops barley green bean soy vegetable layer most fb strains have, super creamy. followed by earthyness and sweet florals. Gassy lemon with a hint of citrus. Musky herbal Chem funk notes linger behind OG lemon pine fuel notes. Breaking nugs open reveals the ‘burnt skunky pungent sharp’ smells.

APPEAL – 92/100
5 nug eighth, avg size, mostly greens with some rare purps. Little bit spacey on structure. Leaf to nug ratio is slightly leafy, but with an amazing finish to the grow, leaving it frozen, crisp, and SUPER STICKY! The structure is made up for with the trichs though, Some of the gnarliest perfect trichs I’ve seen. Long and wavy, some long and spikey, but all with huge clear wet heads, long erect orange pistils shoot out like skyscrapers, resinous af, silver streaking. Inner trichs are impressive af, looks OGish and chemdawg ish.

BURN: 92/100 TASTE: 93/100
DRYPULL: herbal, musk, chemdawg, papaya fruit spice, cream, hops vegetable, OG gas, lemon, pine.
BURN: cleaner burn, pleasant smoke, white inner ash, outside ash white/grey. Terp ring smaller than previous strains, but this one was clean w/ tasty loud terps
TASTE: major gas and diesel, with a musky herbal funk similar to chemdawg lines behind it, def has the creamy hops vegetable layer, OG flavors, lemon pine, sweet florals. (Spice and mint?) Super Juicy and terpy. Coats pallet.

EFFECT: 95/100 POTENCY: 94/100
Knockout powerhouse, great for sleep, had me nodding mid sesh. very restful relaxed and sleepy. Mind and body, couchlocked. Hungry. Mind at ease with stress relief. Major Stoney cloudy day dreamy head change, with a lil bit of focus here and there. Spacey slowed down and heavy. Calming. Effects set 4 puffs in, cone had me faded for 3 hours

Overall: 93.75/100
Loud af, trichome game crazy, clean burn, tasty terps, monster effects.. but little spacey, terp ring lil smaller


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