Pre-roll Review: Cherry Burger + Cherry Burger Donut by 9 Mile Farm


Lineage/ Genetics: (Cherry cookies X double burger)

1.5g flower + .6g SOLVENTLESS rosin

Grower: 9 Mile Farm @9milefarm

Processor: Antigravity Solventless  @antigravity_solventless

Cherry Burger + Cherry Burger Donut Review

Appeal: 95/100
Perfect roll, huge donut hole with beautiful rosin bubbling in it.

Aroma: 96/100
Similar to previous gmo/chemdawg profiles, but this one is a more raunchy pungent meaty greasy rotten mushroom garlic onion burger fungi ‘body Oder / throw up’ version of that gmo. And I say that in the most delicious way possible. This will have you craving that rotten heavy funk. But wrapping it together is a sharp sweet lemon cherry, it’s floral, and contains a heavy layer of sweet sour dank gas. It’s does have some cream to it.. Almost a lemon cherry gelato ice cream sherbet scent. Then it has the cookie flavors which come across as the ‘dough-mint’. perfect combo of funk, sweet, fruit, dough, mint, gas

Dry pull: 93/100
gmo herbal funk, garlic onion etc, greasy and meaty sour chem funk. Sweet mint. Sweet/ sour Lemon and cherry, pine. Pungent cleaner. Pleasantly Rotten. Cookie- doughy and minty

burn & taste: 94/100
Mostly even burn, slow burn, white ash with the fluffy clean ash, huge fat clear resin layer terp surface, like it’s lubricated, then it had the smaller but darker motor oil ring, with fat motor oil tear drops falling perpendicular from the ring. Taste were gmo rotten mushroom fungi greasy meaty onion funk, sweet lemon cherry terps. Cookie dough / sweet gassy mint. Sour chem. Skunky af! Herbals from the funk, florals associated to the cherrys and mints ? Pine, Diesel.

Effect & potency: 97/100
again we have another powerhouse. Heavy indica vibes in the mind and body, both relaxed, both slowed down. Calming. Stress relief. MAJOR head change, pressure to eyes and headband. Chest pressure, pain relief, especially kidney pain. This one has mood uplifting properties. And can have you day dreamy in fantasy land. Seems to help with anger and frustration relief. And the effects started 3 puffs in. And by 11 puffs I I had to tube/cork it. Too potent

Overall: 96/100

Overall this was just as amazing as the other one. They were both basically the same in every aspect, except what flavor was complimenting the gmo, and what type of gmo it was. The burger genetics are the raunchiest version, but that sweet lemon cherry cookie terp compliments it so well. But if your an OG guy, the hell cat OG X sour garlic cookies would be more up your alley. They were soooo close it was hard to pick one. But the cherry burger was more slightly more potent, but the the rest of the category’s were even, or preference based. I think I’d pick the cherry burger simply for potency, but the hellcat/sour garlic cookie was probably better for my flavor preferences. I also think matching the flower and the rosin of the same strain intensity’s those specific terp effects getting doubled down. But bother we’re amazing. THANK you to @9milefarm @antigravity_solventless for hooking me up to make this review possible! Means a lot to have them acknowledge my work, and like wise max respect to them. They killing it with these. Stats and dates and genetics on the jars would be a plus. But I love the jar and cork. As soon as your maxed out, you just drop it and cork it, and it goes out instantly without disturbing it (minus the top rosin layer that melted etc (expect to taste the flower lil more next session) but yeah. Sooo clean of a burn, pardon my flash, but there once again is the clear wet lubricated resin layer, 4mm+ with a oil terp ring and tear drops that form based on puffs and handling. Fatass donut hole.



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