Cultivar Review: Krystal Ball by No Patients Left Behind

This Krystal Ball (Krystallica x Old Faithful) had a strong peppery citrus nose with some unique skunk notes to it. Very strong scent when I cracked the dense light green buds. The flower was covered in trichomes and light orange hairs.

Lineage/Genetics: Krystallica x Old Faithful

Grower: No Patients Left Behind

Krystal Ball Review

The flavor was strong citrus gas in my vape 🍋⛽ It also had some sweet skunkiness to it that I really enjoyed 😋 The Krystal Ball was incredibly smooth to vape and produced thick vapor with long lasting flavor 👍🏼

The effects were very clear headed at first while also being a bit stoney, quite unique, and also provided very solid full body relief without couch locking me. I found the Krystal Ball to be a bit of a creeper, leaving me with a nice headband effect and a bit more relaxation just after my session.

Overall I enjoyed trying this cultivar from No Patients Left Behind. While it’s not a profile I typically seek out, I found myself savoring the flavor in my vape 😋 The effects were also unique and worked well for me for daytime use.

February 2022

This review was sponsored by No Patients Left Behind & Landrace Preservation Society

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