Pre-roll Review: Hell cat OG + Sour Garlic Cookies by 9 Mile Farm

Hell cat OG + sour garlic cookies
1.5g flower + .6g SOLVENTLESS rosin
@9milefarm @antigravity_solventless
Small batch indoor #9milefarm
(No stats or dates)

Grower: 9 Mile Farm

Processor: Antigravity Solventless

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9 Mile Farm Hell Cat OG + Sour Garlic Cookies Pre-roll Review

Appeal: 95/100
huge thick sexy hog leg of a joint. Not a cone, straight fat j. Not quite a nuke, but def huge and proper, the antigravity cigar label makes it feel official. Amazing roll and wide mouthpiece. Built beautifully. Some stats/ package dates/genetics on the jar wouldve made it 100

Aroma: 96.5/100
OMG I’ve never smelled the dial turned up this loud when cracking a jar! Especially when It’s a preroll wrapped in paper! WOW. They really laid on the GNARLIEST GMO Garlic, mushrooms, onion, fungi, Funk terps ever in this one, followed by a less noticeable gas, lemon, pine, (& slight kush / sour chem?) … it has a decently strong baked cookie flavor, and a creamy backend. Mostly herbals, lil floral.

Dry pull: 95/100
herbal, musk, gmo onion garlic terps… but the sour chem gassy dankness, and the OG lemon and pine come out much more here. An unexpected sweet mint stands out from the other flavors. Has some cream and cookie. All flavors COAT the pallet heavy! Florals!

burn & taste: 96/100
beautiful burn, nice and slow! Never ran or burned uneven. Perfect donut hole! PURE WHITE ASH FATTEST TERP DRIP, with 4mm+ of clear resin and a fat dark oil ring closer to ash, but with huge tear drops of oil leaking down the clear resin! The taste were a perfect gnarly combo of OG lemon pine diesel and chemdawg gmo funk, sour chem dankness and sweet mint. Slightly more Herbal than floral. The creamyness, and cookie flavors hold it all together. Unexpected sweet fruity terps and that familiar ‘dark chocolate’ rosin taste

Effect & potency: 95/100
POWER HOUSE! straight medication. Heaviest of body highs, couch locked to the max. Melted. kidney pain and nausea is eliminated. Mentally this is a beast as well. Some of the deepest downer head change I’ve ever felt, mind is relaxed, thoughts are slowed Calming Rested. Sleepy. Tranquil.

Overall: 96/100

fire. I do recommend smoking it all the first session for the prime rosin flavor, although finishing it the first session is prob unnecessary for anyone. WAY to potent. I had to force myself last night to get to that halfway point, and I got tolerance. The last half today was very potent, with the OG flower coming out much more than yesterday, and the gmo rosin flavor less noticeable from it burning/decarboxylating yesterday. Which was actually nice, yesterdays session was gmo flavor rosin dominant, todays was old school OG flower flavor dominant. Got to experience both in the dominant positions. 👍
Hell cat OG genetics are rascals OG X svf OG
Sour garlic cookies genetics are sour dubble X gmo

Overall this was amazing. I couldn’t even finish it! And the effects start hitting immediately. Super potent. And when your done with it you can drop it back in the glass, pop the cork on, and save the rest for later. Cuz there is no way you can finish it. It also comes with hemp wick. These are some of the loudest gmo terps I’ve smelt. I knew it was gonna be a powerhouse before I smoked it. It had the cleanest of burns too! Super white ash, lil gray. Fat terp drips and fat terps in get wrap. Entourage effect weed. And the rosin to flower ratio was perfect!!!! You can get a few rips of fire OGS but don’t get it twisted the gmo taste is always present and heavy. But it def had a lovely balance of all the flavors mentioned. I really would love to see what the flower looks like as a bud. It’s almost like a blind date mystery. But I’d bet she’s beautiful based off this j. Amazing work on both ends. The rosin was smooth clean pure and dank af. It had the sweet creamy dank mix that reminds me of sweet dark chocolate, but it was less prevalent due to the gmo and OG terps.. The flower was gassy and clean as well. Smooth af but pressure to lungs also. Heavy headband effect. This was great for my kidney pain and I’m soooo sleepy now. THANKS for reading!!



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