Strain Review: Sudz by Junk Food Cultiva

Sudz 🛁

Lineage/Genetics: [Runtz X The Soap]

*Dope’s Local Run Entry* #1

Powered By: @junkfoodcultiva

Cultivated By: Junk Food Cultiva @junkfoodcultiva

Original Breeder: Unknown

Class: CraftExotic [D.C.]

Flavor Line: Self-Titled

Grow Medium: Cocoa-grown

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Junk Food Cultiva Sudz Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

sudz by junk food cultiva strain review by dopamineJunk Food Cultiva:

“I’m all about growing really good flower, pushing out the best possible for the people, while giving them something they’re interested in.”


Cracking open the jar, you’re invited to a scent of actual clean cool soap, with a bite of sweetness and a funk on the back end that’s almost like Papaya. It’s an interesting but pleasing terpene blend, and it’s pretty distinct in flavor. Lots of personality from this, and the cure in the flower is dope as well. As you break it open, you’ll get that sudsy octane gas more noticeable and earthy in the bouquet. Pearl that up and take a dry pull, that soapy flavor is all that’s left with a little gas for the flavor palate. It gives you an excitement for the high the way the terps are, it’s a very in-your-face flower and so far I’m here for it.


In the first few strikes, you’ll feel mental pressure start to drift away nearly immediately. It puts the activity in the center of your head, under your eyes, over your eyelids, and for some reason relaxes your arms. A really dope effect from this first hand. The draw from the flower is smooth, but gives quite a buzz still in the chest area. Halfway through you’re floating a bit, but mostly in your head. Instead of a quiet mind, this instead keeps you in a focused-state. Your mind can find a calm setting with this, and to me it feels as if I could do artwork for hours, which I definitely ended up doing. At the end, you should be in a now quiet but immensely focused headspace. This feels like a breath of fresh air the way the high is, and brings the experience fully around. Some real dope work here.

This is a dope flower for those with ADD/ADHD and who have daily anxiety, can really put you in a cool space.


From the smoke to experience, I really loved this. If I were to give any personal grievance it would be to compile a hybrid that adds a bit more myrcene for a stronger chest buzz, but again, personal grievance. This is a dope product, clean flush, cure is nice and plush, and high maxed out 3 hours.

This gets a well deserved 8/10 from me

based on:


Flavor/Terpene Profile

Strike/Effects 💯


JunkFoodCultiva is one of Washington D.C.s local craft growers who really cares about genetics. As a company, they appeal to the better nature of smokers when it comes to quality and taste, and have been within the industry for a considerable amount of time. Not only do people favor their cuts, some prefer them over others. If you’re ever in the city, or the east coast, find your way to some of their flowers for that craft experience.

Dopamine Certified.

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