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Strain Review: Willies by Panacea

I want to do a review on this but it just got me too baked. #alonetime Willies (sativa) Panacea – NorCal brands Lineage/Genetics: Nepalese landrace x South Asian Sativa Original Breeder: Reeferman Seeds Grower: Panacea

Willies Strain Review

willies by panacea strain review by marklpattonsf 2Approx 30% thc The price on Panacea 1/8’s ranges from 65+tax to $80+tax. So at that price I don’t even usually look there way(don’t think that willies on dif menus had me curious) cuz I just wont pay more than $60 for an 1/8. The community has to set an example and refuse to pay more than $60otd So when i saw this @bernersonhaight for $45 w a great recommendation from the bud tender I obviously thought this was my chance to try it. At 30% thc and landrace genetics. Everything abt it seemed right up my alley. Shortly after buying it I realized it was distributed through Norcal. I’m still really trying to fig these guys out. They don’t have a very transparent relationship going on with the cannabis community of clientele. I’ve seen them drop 1/4’s for $40otd of super dank stuff. Then I’ve picked up $50 1/8’s straight from their distributor through @the_green_cross the flowers were pretty but tasted like ass. So consistency hasn’t been there stronghold. Something I look for in a brand. willies by panacea strain review by marklpattonsf 3This was however great. The smell was citrusy with deep earth tones and that ring of sativa landrace. The taste followed the smell adding some pine. Then I was wrecked. Assumed I would be having an industrious day. Had free time and just chilled which I rarely do. My mind was elevated and positive and also stimulated by anything creative. My ideas flowed freely like an 18 year old dreamer. Wonderful experience. I still don’t feel comfortable rec anything from NorCal cannabis even panacea. However if you like strong sativas I would pick this up again and again for $45. #bernersonhaight #panaceacannabis #norcalcannabis #willies #sativa #landrace #newwillie #bemorekind #sfcannabis #bayareacannabis
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Check out more reviews by @marklpattonsf on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/marklpattonsf)

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Check out more reviews by @marklpattonsf on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/marklpattonsf)

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