Strain Review: Zoap by Deep East x Wizard Trees

Zoap by deep east and wizard trees

Lineage/Genetics – RS #16 F2 line pheno #21

Original Breeder: Deep East x Wizard Trees

Grower: Deep East x Wizard Trees

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Zoap Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

If you’ve been following me the past couple months, you’d know that there is one strain I’ve been completely obsessed with. ZOAP! From the first time I tried it, I was absolutely in love. First batch I tried was around September when they first dropped the Doja exclusive bags and made a trip out to nyc. From that point on, I was on the hunt for as much zoap as I could find haha. Literally smoked it for about a month straight. I gave it a very very high score on my old review page and called it my favorite strain of 2021… it cant get any better then that can it? I had heard rumblings that the wizard trees and deep east grown cut of zoap was on a whole other level but never really saw it selling at any dispos so I never copped. Finally at the beginning of the year, backpack boyz did a deep east and wizard trees zoap drop! As soon as it came in to town you know I had to grab a zip! Haha then another one, then another one, then another one…. Let’s see how it compares!

Smell:10/10 oh yeahhhhh! “This is exactly what I was hoping for” was my exact response when I cracked the bag. I had noticed the batches from Doja would vary on smell. Sometimes more like hand soap flower kind of smell and sometimes for of that classic rainbow sherb smell. This batch smelled like hand soap, detergent, deodorant, anything you can think of that’s like a super clean fresh smell. Honestly reminded me of when my mom would hang out clothes out to dry after washing them. That fresh clean floral smell! I could literally sit and smell this all day. Wish there was a zoap cologne. The smell would get even sharper and stronger when you’d squeeze and open the bud and give u more of that candy sherbet smell. Just absolutely amazing job. I will never get tired of this smell. It is hands down my favorite terp ever and was done better then anyone else.

Bag appeal: 10/10 when I had gotten the Doja exclusive batches I remember being a little disappointed at how small the buds were in pretty much every bag. Only had a few chunkers although there were a few bags with smaller buds, most of them were the biggest zoap buds I’ve ever seen. Huge rounded out buds trimmed to perfection with crazy bright colors with such crazy trichome production some of the buds looked gray. They were some of the most colorful buds I’ve ever seen. Very bright green with bright perfect little orange hairs. Covered in purples and blues the whole way to the center. Perfectly cured. Such a unique looking bud. Definitely something you can easily pick out of a lineup. They did such an incredible job. Honestly smashed the Doja batches in this category.

Smoke: 10/10 I know I said the bag appeal was were deep east/ wizards batch really differentiated itself but after smoking it… smh these batches don’t even compare…. I was so shocked the first time I hit the j of this… I’ve never had a strains smell carry over to the smell so perfectly. Tasted exactly like it smelled! Such a full taste too. Literally didn’t taste like smoke at all. Just zoap. Lingers in your mouth leaving you smacking ur lips like you just ate a sugar cube. I’ve never smoked anything in my life that had so much flavor and tasted so damn good. Absolutely knocked this out of the park. Dojas batch wasn’t even close to this. And the high!…. It was fantastic. Very strong but perfect for any time of the day or night. Very euphoric high that will leave you straight up numb. Very euphoric but no a knock out punch that will leave stupid. Very creative and attentive high that will leave you giggling and having a good time doing absolutely anything haha. This is what had me coming back for more and more was the taste and high. I smoked this for weeks straight and enjoyed it every damn time! This is the best thing smoking in my opinion.

Overall 9.998/10 I was already in love with this strain but now I’m addicted. Whoever grew the Doja exclusive batches did a good job but my eyes were opened to a whole new world of terps when I smoked this batch. Until further notice this is my favorite bud on the market! These guys are 10 steps ahead of everyone else and they aren’t letting up! All hail deep east and wizard trees!

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