Strain Review: Studio 54 by Doja Exclusive

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@doja.pak x @wizard_trees x @deofarms

Brand: Doja Pak x Wizard Trees x Deo Farms

Cultivar: Studio 54

Lineage/Genetics: Sunset Sherb x OZ Kush #54

Original Breeder: Wizard Trees x Deep East x Doja Exclusive

Grower: Doja Exclusive

Studio 54 Strain Review

studio 54 by doja exclusive strain review by trunorcal420 232.607 %THC
0% CBD
33.932% Total Cannabinoids

Comments: Yee let’s GO! This was super hard to locate and for good reason. The Doja brand is one of those “get it, period” brands that is always on my radar. The RS11 was one of my all time faves (started smoking in 99) and I’ve had a LOT of variety in my life but this brand knows what’s up.


1. Scent: Straight gasoline hues off the bag with minty refreshing notes added in on the back. Lovely.

2. Appearance: Bulbous shaped nugs, def coated with color trichomes and hairs.

3. Nug Structure: Little crunch but not dusting up. Opting for the hand breaks versus the grinder. Pulls apart easily esp on the money nug.

4. Smoke: smooth on first rips using the bub and same using our new piece. Large clouds!

5. Taste: Man! Getting a gassy and minty type of vibe on exhale. Super strong but evaporates from the mouth in about 5-10 seconds.

6. Reaction: faded first rip. Def getting a head rush that is bordering on paranoia 👀 damn! Lol. Later bowls were still making my mind eager beaver but also added a nice relaxed back end of the stone. Def more of a morning smoke I’m finding as it works with the morning caffeine rush amazingly.

7. Conclusion: I’d put this up into the top 15 of the last year or so, but the RS11 was better for what I was looking for. Not a rookie smoke at all for ticket or effects. A blunt would ruin my life 💯 so I’m glad I’m hitting a bubbler. That zoom in little nug got me pretty smashed, it’s def up there in my book.




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