Vape Review: Animal Cookies x Candyland Juice Cart by ColdFire Extracts

Animal cookies X candyland

Processor: ColdFire Extracts @coldfireextracts

Terpene Profile: Unknown

ColdFire Extracts Animal Cookies x Candyland Cartridge Review

Packaged: 10/11/2021 THC: 88.5% terps: 9.87%

Review made possible by @cakehouse_vista

Appeal: 100/100
Love the ceramic?? coils, and the holographic band with the strain and brand.

Air bubble: 85/100
Alright. Slightly big. On half g carts at this high of a ticket, the extra lil bit counts. They should put litte bit over just to prevent that thought in your mind ‘is this really a half g?’ Probably is a half g but the bubble makes you second guess.

Aroma: 95/100
I could smell it before I took the mouth cover off. Sour dank gassy pine, with a lemon backing. Skunky diesel. Cookie flavors, baked cookie Little dough. Herbal spice and earth. and then a Sweet candy floral profile

Dry pull: 95/100
Pine! Gas! Lemon! Cookie! Herbals, spice. Sweet floral ‘Candy-Mint’

Smoke 92/100 Taste 91/100
Very clean smoke. Super clean. Very good tastes and very strong tastes. Again pine diesel, lemon gas, herbal baked cookie with a kick of herbal zest spice to it. Then it has the sweet creamy floral candy gas profile. Sour dankness burns the nostrils. Dank sweet and cream mixed always reminds me of bittersweet dark chocolate in rosin..

Effect 91/100 Potency 91/100
4 puffs had me faded for 2 hours. 8/10 on the strength of the buzz. Relaxing, lil couch lock. Body is heavy. Mind is Stoney cloudy. Eyes drop, headband feeling. But slightly focused and awake.. not energized.. but not sleepy either. Indica Hybrid vibe. It does turn sleepy around hour 3

Overall: 93.5/100
It’s great! I can see why there’s so much hype with these guys, that and they collab with our brands that don’t have concentrate products of their own. So that’s always a plus! But the ticket is a tad bit high in my honest opinion. At that ticket, might as well go the extra few inches and get solventless

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