Vape Review: Kush Mountains Live Resin Sauce Cart by Cannabiotix

Kush mountains live resin sauce cart @cannabiotix @cbx_rep @haronebone

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower/Processor: Cannabiotix

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Kush Mountains Live Resin Sauce Cart Review

Packaged: 1/24/22 THC: 78.29% canna: 84.71% terps: 2.51%

I started heavy with cbx when I first started smoking, but doing reviews has led me to new brands and opprotunitys, however cbx remains one of my faves at heart. Here’s my first cbx cart review.

Appeal: 100/100
Love the brand name, the cbx logo, the metal mouth piece with the strain on it!

Air bubble: 88/100
Alright. Slightly big. Looks like a half g tho . It has high viscosity, meaning it moves slow af, takes long time to reach cotton when it’s tipped!

Aroma: 88/100
Matches kush mountains flower. OG gas, lemon and pine, with a sweet skunky kush side. Floral.

Dry pull: 88/100
Mostly OG gas, lemon and pine. Little bit of the sweets, and skunky kush.

Smoke 88/100 Taste 88/100
Low air flow causing fat thick rips! clean smoke but a little burning chemical after taste . Tasted like white walker, straight OG, lemon pine and gas, didn’t catch the kush mountains sweet skunkyness but did catch some of the herbals and florals.

Effect 88/100 Potency 94/100
Major mind and body change. Both hit equally. Relaxed. Calmed. Tranquil, peaceful sleepyish, with a small baseline energy in the body. Pain relief and eventually anxiety relief. (Although there was lil anxiety from the potency rush, anxiety wore off quick tho) very potent, potency rush, might be better for after a few lighter sessions. I did wake and bake, and was faded for 2.25hours off 3-4puffs

Overall: 90/100
People had dmed mixed reviews, but I actually enjoyed it a lot, I can see what they were talking about n the background taste but that’s probably natural just from the process used, it’s not distillate so no worries here.

Great for work, had me in the zone working pain free, my thoughts were calmed and focused on the work instead of racing with anxiety

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