Strain Review: 6ixth Sense by Fig Farms

6ixth sense @fig.farms

Lineage/Genetics: (sherb bx1 #6  red vines pheno)

Breeder: Fig Farms

Grower: Fig Farms

6ixth Sense Cultivar Review

(Carepackage 2 review 2)
Again a big thanks to @fig.farmer @lady__fig for contacting me, and a huge THANKS to @illegal.noseslide for making it all happen smoothly.

@rip.215 @inspector_of_all for reviews that grabbed me first!

Canna: 32.15% thc: 28.23%% Harv: 10/28/21 pack: 12/01/21

Aroma: 93.5/100
Creamy flavors and floral flavors hit first, with a hint of herbal. Heavy cookie genetic flavors, leaning towards an ice cream sherbet (straw peach orange sherbet) gelato type aroma, sweet but skunky fruity sherbet that kind of has the burnt smell. Baked cookie. Sweet, creamy. Sherbet. Little bit of sour dankness. Aftergrind is floral, creamy fruity ice cream sherbet, with some sweets, (hints of gas pine lemon)

Appeal: 94/100
MONSTER NUG, 2.4g, with another g nug. Perfectly dense again.! Structure is made up of multiple 3d triangle cones that burst outward separately in fox tails . Light greens to mid greens, with heavy deep purple-black-blue, light purp at bases. Lil yellow tints, from medium long trichomes, that have huge wet shining heads against green leaves., it has the artificial salted/pellet look from trich heads. Again best of cure. Stickyish and crisp. Excellent finish. Glowing orange pistils mostly come in groups but some are singular. Appear short but they long (look at my macros)

Smoke 95/100 taste 93/100
DryPull: floral, skunk gas, fruit sherbet, licorice ice cream, cookie, cream (hint of mint) white ash with some grey, drip off the rip, burned super clean. Taste were ice cream fruity sherbet terps, with a herbal and floral backing. Baked Cookie flavors. Creamy, sweet, fruity in the sweet sherb creamy ice cream way. Gas and musk and spice comes out in the smoke.

Effect 95/100 potency 93/100
Heavy indica vibes in body and mind. But a baseline small bit of energy is present underneath the heavy downer buzz. Thoughts are flowing. Creative, but super stoned and relaxed. Pain relief in kidney, nausea relief. I’m finding fig is good medicine for patients! Effects landed 6 puffs in, after the cone they lasted 2.5hours.

Overall: 94/100

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