Strain Review: Kryptochronic #1 by Fig Farms

Kryptochronic 1 @fig.farms

Lineage/Genetics: (fruity pebbles OG X alien cookies) X jet fuel gelato

Breeder: Compound Genetics

Grower: Fig Farms

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Fig Farms Kryptochronic #1 Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

(Carepack review 1)
Thank you to @illegal.noseslide @fig.farms and everyone else involved in making this review happen for me and my followers!

Canna: 36.31% thc: 31.84% Harv: 11/01/21 pack: 12/15/21

3.52g > 3.50

Aroma: 94/100
a herbal musky scent, wrapped in some cheese hits first, then a sweet ice creamed gelato layer is next, followed by a background cookie scent, but baked cookie not doughy.. creamy… but also has the Ice cream freezer burnt skunky gelatos !! After the grind the fruity pebbles and florals come out more with a tiny black licorice backing. Lemons and pines and spice escape aftergrind also.

Appeal: 96/100
MONSTER NUG, 2.8g, with two smaller nugs, perfectly dense af! Structure is prime! Solid 3d triangle cone shape. Light greens to mid greens, with some deep purples almost blues and blacks on the leaves. Some yellow tinting, and a sheer white coating from Gnarly trich coverage, long perfect trichs, with huge heads. Resinous. Sticky but crisp. Excellent finish. Long Neon orange pistils mostly come out in clusters but lick the nug tightly.

Smoke 94/100 taste 94/100
Mostly White ash with some gray, no pepper color , drip off the rip, was a fat drip, but faded to a small drip at certain points during session, smokes clean af, mostly herbals with musk & spice. Cookie flavors stand out next, some herbal cheese, some gas, sweet gelatos. Pine. Hops.

Effect 96/100 potency 96/100
Heavy body high, relaxing, melted, couch locked. Headband buzz, Hungry. Pain relief. Mind is cloudy, almost sedated but with free flowing thoughts. Heavy Stoneage with a fat rush. Very potent, only a couple tokes to feel the effects, & half way through the cone I was tempted to put it out, I hung in.. but with 1/4 left I had to tap out (keep in mind it was a 1.6g cone).. and had a 3 hour HEAVY buzz! (In my Top 15 of all time for potency) then later in the after buzz it was calm happy focused, then sleepy eventually

Overall: 95.10/100
Excellent strain! Sixth sense is next! @thejimidevine recommend them both and he was on point! Fuego

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Fig Farms Kryptochronic Review Pt 2 (7/13/22)

New batch review
@fig.farms @pager.payphone

New stricter scoring is in effect for all honest reviews. Nothing is ever for sale.

Aroma A-
Sweet dirty linen floral musk. Sweet earthy forest floor, fruity pebbles, red licorice black licorice chewy candy terps mix with berry vanilla freezer burnt fruity ice cream gelatos with a herbal cookie musk and hints of rancid pungent funk similar to vomit. Complexity: A Loudness: B+

Appeal: B+
huge main colas, with a nice tight dense nug structure. Big and chunky while stretching tall. Mid greens to greens with yellows and orange tintings. Some neon purples hide in bases, A mix of black purple gelato leafs & rare purple highlights shine with silver streaking and grease and are accompanied by mid size fuzzy orange pistils. Leans to the properly dried side over the moist side with crisp kiefy snaps. Although inners do have grease and moisture. The 2 main colas have some differences (see comments for this continued!)

Burn: B Taste: B+
The ash was salt and pepper, whiter inners with more pepper on the outers, the drip was a nice clear wet resin layer with solid terp ring that flucated, taste were heavy on the fruity ice cream gelato, licorice candy, and earthy forest musk, the rancid pungency adds a kick with herbal cookie bringing it to a close.

Effect A- Potency A-
Heavy stoneage, mild uplift, euphoric. Cloudy mind relaxation, with a headband buzz. Great pain relief, and was appetizing, great for our walk and tv shows!

Overall: B++
Very nice, last round was better, but these were still banging none the less, the burn was slightly less white then normal fig experiences , but was still clean, drippy, and tasty. For my preferences, I’d like the new gelato 41 better. Solid af tho.

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One of of the example smell good and taste good could of hit better? Great review
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So we have a new batch of kyrpto in the house, this is 2 main colas from 2 different jars. One thing I did find intriguing was they were slightly different. Nug A was more purple, more trichome saturated and greasy. With less sugar leafs on the ratios. The structure was also less leafy in a calyx sense, made of very tight dense hard cookied nugs. The inners show densely nugged calyx’s pressed to mountain top formations. Whereas nug B was much greener, had much higher ratio of sugar leafs to nug, less obvious trichome saturation and grease, a lot spacier and slightly less dense, while this sounds like the first nug is better, breaking open nug B showed the stacked leafy clayxed out layers not nearly as dense as the other, but was more moist soft and sticker than nug A.

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Check out more reviews by @cali_bud_reviews on Instagram ( and YouTube (!

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