Vape Review: Simply Naked Tropical Haze Cannabis Oil Cartridge

Simply Naked is an economic non disposable vaporizer option at my local dispensary that is likely available at a dispensary near you, as well. Seriously though, 1 gram of juice, albeit with a lower THC% than most other brands, for $30 is a good price in 2018 (let’s see how future proof this is). I’ve tried the Simply Naked Jack Herer, and wanted to give the Simply Naked Tropical Haze a try also.

Simply Naked Tropical Haze Vape Cartridge Review

Amount ingested?

One long puff

How does it hit?

The first hit of this pen is an explosion of flavor. Note, I said flavor not flavors. This particular cartridge that I had pulled a little funny. Sometimes the wick starts to move away from the oil chamber and into the vaporizing chamber, clogging the flow between the two and making it hard to pull at times.

How does it taste?

When dry hitting it, the two major tastes are the butane derived oil and one other taste… jelly bean. Not just any jelly bean – the tail end of any jelly belly. Once the specific flavor has gone away from a jelly bean, there’s just this generically sweet and fruity taste left for you to chew on. That’s exactly what Simply Naked’s Tropical Haze tastes like.

There are disposable cartridges and then there are disposable all-in-one vaporizers. While this isn’t an AIO, it is not a cartridge that you’d want to refill and hit again. That is to say the third taste that develops is good (bad) ol’ cotton coil.

How long until activation?

Creeper alert. Notice the haze slowly starting to settle in over your eye sockets soon after the 5 minute mark.

How long does it last?

Cliche, but not long enough. My tolerance really isn’t that high but everyone except completely green users will feel an urge to top up with another hit within an hour.

How does it feel?

Get focused, follow tangents. Does that sound contradictory to you? Then you’ve never been this type of high.

What I do like about it

I had a lot of fun thinking about the interesting taste, and my ability to delve into my memory banks to remember tastes that resembled the taste of the vape is almost certainly due to the effects of the vape. I liked the taste more than the high. Which brings us to the next section.

What I don’t like about it

Sometimes, particular strains of weed just leave me feeling like a dud. I puff away at regular intervals but it feels like I’m chasing a particular type of high that just isn’t part of the high notes of this strain. In these instances, instead of trying to get a dead and processed plant to change its tune, I simply set aside the cartridge for another day. Who knows, in another day, environment, or scenario, it might be exactly the type of high that you’re looking for. So what don’t I like about Simply Naked’s Tropical Haze? It wasn’t as good as the Simply Naked Jack Herer.


This isn’t the best Simply Naked flavor in my opinion. Obviously, with economic choices, some sacrifices are made; however, I feel that Simply Naked is simply not that bad and I appreciate what they’re trying to do. I’m going to want to try the others before I willingly choose to get back under this particular haze – but I know I’ll still enjoy these if I need to.

Cost: $30 @ Kush Factory 20
Where are Simply Naked vaporizers available: California

Editor’s note: The picture is of the Jack Herer strain, but you get the idea :).


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