Watermelon Bath Bomb from The Cannapothecary

Have you guys tried the bath bombs from @the_cannapothecary yet? I recently got to try them and for the first time I used the Watermelon scented one! 🍉

The Cannapothecary Watermelon Bath Bomb Review

Right away the colours of the bath bomb amazed me. The specks of white and dark pink throughout the pastel-coloured bath bomb reminded me of the many shades of pink that a watermelon can be.

The fizzle was immediate as soon as it touched the bath water, quickly turning my bath into a light pink cotton-candy-like colour.

The essential oils used for the bath bomb have an intoxicating aroma that will help relax your mind as your body relaxes in the water.

Laying down with the bath bomb dissolved into the water of the bath helped significantly with my lower back pain (sciatic nerve pain), to bring my sharp pain to a full one for the night.

Even after getting out of the water, your muscles will feel relaxed and your skin as soft as can be.

Overall, the bath bombs by @the_cannapothecary have worked amazingly for me. Let me know your experience!




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