Strain Review: Bakerstreet by Tweed Farms

Bakerstreet (Hindu Kush variety) by @tweedfarms

Bakerstreet Strain Review

bakerstreet by tweed farms closeup strain review by thecoughingwalrusBakerstreet is an amazing indica grown by @tweedfarms and clocking in at 20% THC. I love this strain because of the calm effect is gives me. After trying many strains, I have found this one is perfect for putting my mind into relaxing state before relaxing or heading to bed!

This strain is my ultimate favourite for after work or just a long day. The relaxation effect it has without couch locked effect. It triggers my appetite which is amazing because during a long day I tend to forget to eat. Overall, Bakerstreet is a great strain to get your anxiety and depression in check without putting you to sleep.

Thank you @tweedfarms for an amazing strain and @fireandflowerco for the amazing selection of products.




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