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Strain Review: Vanilla Kush by KNBIS

Vanilla Kush 🍦🌳Review Lineage/Genetics: (Kashmir KushHindu Kush) Original Breeder: Barney’s Farm Grower: KNBIS Dispensary: Canna Culture

Vanilla Kush Strain Review

. 32.12% THC 36% THCA 38.17% Total Cannabinoids . @barneys_farm @thefountainofwellbeing @testedbyencorelabs @cannaculturesanjose . 🛸This Vanilla Kush is a dutch bud from @barneys_farm in Amsterdam and has won 2nd place in the 2009 @hightimesmagazine cannabis cup. . 🍦Heavy earthy vanilla notes with spicey, citrus and lavendar hints. Reminds me of a sweeter more grounded version of kush, like a frsh baked vanilla fruit cake. . 🌳The inhale is potent with a creamy earthy overtone and hints of spice and citrus. When I exhale I taste lavendar hints. The flavor is consistent and the smoke is thick. . 🔥Big kushy nugs fuzzy with sugary Trichomes. The buds are pretty dense but still loose enough in spacing too keep that classic kushy structure. The nugs are a nice forest green with some darker hued outer leaves and hints of violet freckled throught the bud most visible on the tips and in streaks as you break it down. The pistils are dusty orange and hairy. . 🍦As expected with the THC reaching over 30 precent, this strain produced Hardhitting, powerful Indica effects. At first your thoughts will get deep as you become more self aware the higher you get great for listening music i found my self really connecting to each song & @kohoopz for a more fun and inimate evening. The munchies and sedation kind of fight for a first place spot but they are both definitely felt, a great strain to smoke when you feelin yourself and wanna vibe out also a great smoke with your significant other.
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