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Strain Review: Zookies by South Bay Connetics

Zookies 🍪🦚🦥 Lineage/Genetics: (Animal CookiesOriginal Glue) Original Breeder: Alien Labs Grower: South Bay Connetics

Zookies Strain Review

. @southbayconnetics_ . 🔥Earthy, nutty, sweet, fresh baked aroma with a gassy udertone. . 🦚The flavor is earthy and woodsy with sweet nutty hints and deep gassy notes. When you inhale you get a earthy and sweet cookie flavor and when you exhale the flavor is more gassy and woodsy. . 🌳The high is relaxing but couchlocking or sedating but definitely expect to feel like youre forgetting something. The high is strong a stoney great for anytime you need to get some stress off your shoulders. . 💯Thick dense super frosty Forest green and light green nugs. The leaves have a nice chunky structure and break down into sticky pieces, the aroma as you break down is cookies and woodsy fuel.
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