What does Indica mean?

(Save this post as a reference for your next dispensary visit!) So last post, we discussed what Sativa means! Time to talk about their opposites!

What is Indica? How is it different than Sativa?

what does indica mean picture of pre 98 bubba kushINDICA: pronounced in-dik-uh is another one of the three main cannabis genotypes (special plant characteristics.) Their physical traits usually include being a shorter plant, with leaves broader than that of sativas. Indicas are considered to be more physically sedating, good for a chill day off, gaming, or as a nightcap! Due to the certain receptors in our bodies, indicas are often well suited to ease many varieties of pain and discomfort.

Something everyone should keep in mind when choosing strains, is that Indicas and Sativas don’t always mean that one will be totally energizing and one will be sedating. That belief often gets lost in the mainstream of today’s rapidly changing industry. It’s wise to buy strains by their smell, what you do like and what don’t you like, rather than always going by the strain name. #themoreyouknow ✌🌿🙃
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