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CGO’s Hash Hole Island: Got the clouds goin’ up on a Tuesday!

The hype leading up to Hash Hole Island no doubt had me excited, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit skeptical about the turnout to the event considering the date and location. A Tuesday evening in Isleton, CA!? Personally, I don’t have much of a reason to visit the quiet little town of Isleton other than to stop by the dope dispensary and lounge, Delta Boyz located on Main St.

The man behind the event, CGO, had other ideas for Isleton. Him and his team turned Paradise Island into Hash Hole Island for an incredible Tuesday evening of dope musicians, top tier vendors, and some of the friendliest vibes I’ve felt at an event in a long time. The sense of community was truly alive and well on Hash Hole Island. Never will I doubt CGO’s ability to bring together an amazing collection of dope ass people who all share a love for both hash and flower.

I managed to get to the event a little bit early while some of the vendors were still getting their booths set up. I’m not gonna lie, the heat was definitely a little bit of an inconvenience early on but once the sun started to set and the delta breeze started to blow through things started to liven up and the party really started.

There were so many vendors at Hash Hole Island that you were for sure going to get your steps in if you visited each booth. From A to Z, American Canna Green to Zatix, and everyone in between; Bosky, Flora & Flame, Flower Mill, Casa Flor, Lumpy’s, Ember Valley, Heady Swabs, Dr. Dabber, CBX, Organitips, Turtle Pie Co, Luci Hash Co, Zackwoods, Frosted Flavors, Moon Valley Cannabis, Xotic Flavorz, Terpy Trees, Zen Gardens and so many more! It was an absolute slaughterhouse of killers bringing the heat at Hash Hole Island.

Not only did CGO get an incredible lineup of vendors, but he also put together and dope lineup of musicians to keep the vibes going all night long. Some of the artists who blessed the stage were; Big Sammy, CRI the Budtender, Trap House Koda, Marca 530, Devin Tha Dude, B-Legit, and of course The Waterboyz!

If you were lucky enough to get a VIP ticket before they sold out, then you got a dope Hash Hole Island light up pass made by Bright Star Productions, seeing all the passes lit up at night was really cool. With this pass you got access to the after party/gathering up at the boat house on the island where you received your Hash Hole Island VIP goodie box filled with all sorts of products from hash holes, to flower, to limited edition OCB rolling papers. You also got a pretty sick limited-edition Hash Hole Island t-shirt. With more music, tiny exotic dancers, food, a dab bar and rolls provided by Bruno himself, the evening wrapped up nicely. Overall, this was a huge success in mine and many others’ opinions, and I look forward to the next CGO event.

Rumor has it that CGO is also a mathematician and is combining 4/20 + 7/10 = 11/30 Bringing flower (420) and hash (710) together for a hash hole holiday on 11/30! Keep an eye out!

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14+ year long Med/Rec Cannabis user from the Bay Area, California. Providing my honest opinion of cannabis products ranging from economical to top shelf. Follow me on Instagram @norcalcannabear

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14+ year long Med/Rec Cannabis user from the Bay Area, California. Providing my honest opinion of cannabis products ranging from economical to top shelf. Follow me on Instagram @norcalcannabear

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