Strain Review: Apple Fritter by Fresh Baked (2022)

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Fresh baked Apple Fritter

Lineage/Genetics: Sour Apple x Animal Cookies

Original Breeder: Lumpy’s Flowers

Grower: Fresh Baked

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Fresh Baked Apple Fritter Strain Review (2022)

Thc: 29.04%
Total cannabinoids: 34.56%.

Happy Sunday family!

This Jan 20th 2022 jar comes with 3 medium size and 1 large size nugs, beautiful light green and purple mixed buds, covered with super frosty trichomes with a great shine, the large bud is a giant slightly spacey but overall awesome structure, bushes of short light brown pisitil, the buds are dense and has more of a sticky finish result by perfect moisture. Trichomes coverage is insane making it very sticky, it was hand trimmed with tons of love. Cure to perfection, the moisture level for this strain is exceptional.

Aroma wise It does have the typical fresh baked veggie layer, on the second sniff i can tell it’s apple on top of sweet tart. And some sour nd peach which reminds me of their Georgia pie, It’s definitely sweet, few more sniff the earthy skunky become more pronounced, after grinding the apple peach skunky tone became more apparent.

The burn is slow and the smoke is very potent and hit real hard, I coughed like a mofo, the taste is very spicy and earthy with some fruitiness on the exhale. the high is very euphoric and happy Stoney for me. I needed munchies as well lol. The pain relief effect is there but not enough to couch lock or make me feel too lazy to get things done.

Overall I like this strain a lot! It’s offers great aroma beautiful look and promising effect, the high is really enjoyable and it’s a good 50:50 hybrid suitable for anytime of the day. It’s sweet but not that cakey and and spicy smoke profile is similar to OG but finish with GDP type of sweetness. I recommend this strain for all OG Kush smokers during anytime of the day usage and creative projects.

Last but not least, Always thankful to @cali_bud_reviews for introducing me and provide all the details about @fresh_baked__ I liked everything that I tried so far and excited to enjoy more and more awesome flowers from them!!

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