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Event Recap: The Smoking Jacket 2023

Smoking Jacket Recap 2023 What a whirlwind of a weekend! Just an incredible amount of appreciation to @thismokingjacket @simp.lee.adam @thehashishinn @humphreyhashish @archive.pdx and all the sponsors that made this event possible.

Smoking Jacket 2023 Recap

smoking jacket 2023 event recap by pnw.chronic Smoking Jacket was the place to be. An event for h@sh artisans and connoisseurs alike, all curated and presented with a goal of celebrating the magical plant that we all love. The collective knowledge and experience in such a small space was beyond impressive – it was unbelievable. The opportunity to learn about, let alone sample, some of the best h@sh around was spectacular, but the thing that was most remarkable about all three days was the palpable feeling of love and community that everybody present had for one another. It felt like 3 straight days of bonding, meeting new friends, and feeling the love and passion we all have for c@nnab1s radiate outward. I left the event refreshed, full of h@sh and warm feelings of camaraderie. I will always remember this weekend and think back fondly to the amazing experiences I’ve had. That, in and of itself, is an powerful indicator of how important this event is for the culture. Shout out to @fort__wendy @trichome_tortoise__ @turtle_trees and @therealcannabis_chris for placing, but also shout out to every single entrant. Each entry was meticulously crafted with love and care to showcase the best product possible for competition and the efforts show across the board 🔥 @dammit___bobby_ @actionmattjackson @cozy_cubes @tree_city_solventless @puaextractions @pacificnwroots_kaya @peter_pdx @barrysbubble @yashimelts @coffee.donuts.adam @farmhouse_studi0 @spinmelts @professorsift @slite23 @terp_wizard @dammit__bobby_ @proswabs @echo_electuary @darbyholmglass @ra_glass @rosinevolution100 @zachbrownglass @induxlabs Watch full recap on Instagram:
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Check out more reviews by @pnw_chronic on Instagram! (

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