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Strain Review: Dirty Taxi by Archive Seed Bank

A tip for anyone looking to take product photos for amateur reviews: don’t get a Moto phone. Every Moto phone I’ve seen lately has a donkey for a camera. Didn’t do this Dirty Taxi by @archive.portland justice by any stretch. Lineage/Genetics: GMO x Chem I95 Original Breeder: Archive Seed Bank Grower: Archive Portland or Burnside Garden Collective Dispensary: Treehouse Collective

Dirty Taxi Strain Review

dirty taxi by archive seed bank strain review by pdxstonemanI stopped into @thc.pdx to buy myself some birthday weed, and boy did they deliver some heat. This is some of the best weed I’ve ever had. I’m not sure if it’s actually grown by @archive.portland or by their house farm, @burnsidegardencollective, but any genetics from @archiveseedbank are gonna hit. Potent GMO funk from its parents. Big hits of well seasoned savoury fertilizer. Really powerful, sedating high that leaves you giggling hard in the couch. If you see it, buy it. Don’t let the budtender show you other stuff, just make sure it’s the same stuff and buy as much as you can afford. Just don’t smoke it before you gotta do something important. You’ll thank me. . . . #archiveseedbank #THCPDX #portlandweedreviews #portlandcannabiscommunity #portlandcannabis #pdxweed #pdxcannabiscommunity #pdxcannabis #oregoncannabiscommunity #oregonweed #oregonweedreviews #cannabisreviews #weedreviews #strainreview #strainreviews #420review #420lifestyle #cannabiscommunity #wedontsmokethesame #medicalmarijuana #weshouldsmoke #OMMP #Medicate #justblazeig
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Check out more reviews by @pdxstoneman on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/pdxstoneman)

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Check out more reviews by @pdxstoneman on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/pdxstoneman)

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