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Strain Review: Stonks by Phat Boi Farms

Stonks Lineage/Genetics: (GMO x PlatinumMacTree) Original Breeder: Voodoo Selections Grower: Phat Boi Farms

Stonks Strain Review

stonks by phat boi farms strain review by cannasseur777 2Cultivated in living soil by @el.grenas_87 and @phatboifarms Bred by @voodoo_selections Aroma: Cracking open the bag on this one I all but instantly smiled. I was expecting overwhelming funk but instead I got a beautiful aroma of fresh fruit and floral notes with just a hint of that oh so distinguishable Mac funk. This one passed the nose test with flying colors Taste: I’ve been preaching about the benefits of living soil for a long time and the two things I tell people are that the terps and the smoothness that you get out of a proper living soil grow are simply unparalleled, and that stands true here. Instantly upon ignition and inhalation I could taste sweet berries, on the exhale I get mouth watering gassy funk. An absolute pleasure to smoke in a joint and one that it would honestly be a shame to mix with any other bud. My favorite thing about the taste, and an indicator of the quality, is that from the beginning of the joint till the end the flavors shown through without a hint of acrid smoke. Berries and gas all the way through and fuck what a wonderful taste combo. Effects: Right off the bat for you potency chasers this one is strong. I’m talking feeling it in a few hits strong, but my favorite part was how the effects came on. Stonks didn’t take me from 0 to 100 then back down to 0, instead it began as a strong, clear headed, euphoric high that made me feel extremely conversational. As time passed and I continued smoking I could feel it settling into my body, starting at my toes and working its way up leaving me feeling stoney, relaxed, and with a smile on my face. It can be jarring sometimes to smoke something that feels one way at first then changes effects as the high goes on because a lot of the time those two highs feel incongruent, but with stonks it segwayed beautifully from a functional clear high to a relaxing almost hypnotic high that left me wanting to roll up again to experience it all over. No 30 minute high followed by a crash. It’s the kind of high that even after fading a couple hours later you can still feel remnants of. Overall: I was extremely happy with this bud, so much so that it was the only thing I smoked on till it finished despite having about 4 other strains at the time. Phat Boi Farms is still in its infancy, this was their first real drop, and already the quality was exceptional, I can’t wait to see where they go from here. My only critiques are the trim could be better, but that can easily be improved and honestly I’ve never been one to be too concerned about that, and I think it could’ve been cured a bit longer. The smoke itself was smooth and flavorful, but it didn’t burn full white. Definitely not a deal breaker for me because I still loved every bit of it. As far as the rest I think this was an absolute hit and I can’t wait to get my hands on some more #strainreview #livingsoil
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Check out more reviews by @cannasseur777 on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/cannasseur777)

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Check out more reviews by @cannasseur777 on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/cannasseur777)

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