Strain Review: Panama Red by State 3

Guess who’s back. Back again. Stoneman’s back. With a review. That didn’t rhyme, and I’m probably recycling this joke, but there’s also a good chance that the original post I used it in got pulled by Instagram, so I don’t see much harm.

Today I have a bonafide classic from a really swell dude. @state_3 is a name you should keep an eye out for. I got a number of samples from him a few weeks prior to my hiatus. Every single sample was one of the best examples of the strain that I had tried. I’ll probably get to some others over time, but today I want to focus on his Panama Red. This is one of the best samples I’ve gotten. Up there with the Cake Mints from @thelowd in my book.

Linegae/Genetics: Unknown

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: State 3

State 3 Panama Red Review

When you get into genetics as old as this, things get murky. It’s really hard to distinguish how “legit” the grower’s claims of origin are, and you have to accept a certain level of uncertainty. That said, this Panama Red had a lot of the hallmarks I would look for, with a bag appeal that could put it on any top shelf.

The terps are super green. Like, kind of that grassy, slightly earthy decaying banana leaf smell. There’s also this super faint banana candy smell that sits underneath. Almost like that artificial banana pudding mix. It might just be that I’m bored with berries and lemon, but I thought it was a nice change of pace.

It’s got a stoney sativa high in the best way. Cheech and Chong eyes, sorta Hazy vibe to it. I found myself smoking it when the Grandpa’s Gunchest was making me too tired, but I didn’t want to stop smoking yet. This was probably my favorite sample when it came to smoking experience as well. Smooth hits, potent but comforting high that didn’t give me any anxiety.

I honestly couldn’t tell you where to find this, but suggest you buy it if you see it. This review is more to get my sea legs again, so to speak. I appreciate the shit out of all the support I got from everyone during my time off. I’m hoping to get posting with some regularity again, so watch out for some great content coming up.



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