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Strain Review: Cassis by Champelli

Cassis by Champelli @champelli.co @champelli415 Lineage/Genetics: Gusher pie x Gelatti x (?) Original Breeder: Champelli Grower: Champelli Distributor: Mamey’s Bodega

Cassis Strain Review

cassis by champelli strain review by cannasseur777 2Before I even start with this one I want to throw it out that this is easily in my top 5 best smokes of all time. Aroma: berries, fuel, a hint of sour funk, and notes of vanilla, the nose on this one smacks you in the face as soon as you open the bag, when people say their bud is terpy THIS is what I expect. The smell is complex but refined, potent but not overbearing. Taste: ooooooh momma the taste on this stuff. I could tell I was in for a treat after I merely put the unlit joint in my mouth and already started salivating. Cassis is French for black currant and I think overall it’s an apt name for this strain, the sweetness on the front end is complimented by a slight tart like funk that’s ever so present but lingers on the tongue. The taste is not just wonderful but potent and very present whether smoking it out of a joint, a woods, or a dirty piece (let’s be real everyone could stand to clean their glass a little more frequently, or maybe that’s just me) Effects: this taste isn’t the only thing that’s strong here, I felt this one a quarter of the way through my joint which is saying something. In the most basic terms I’d say the effects were euphoric, creative, and stoney all at once. This was a creeper, not in the sense that it took a while for me to feel it but in that it was strong from the jump and just kept getting stronger even 20 minutes after I’d put the joint down. I don’t know how else to describe this other than it makes you feel great, it’s good mood bud at the end of the day and I looove good mood bud. Overall: phenomenal smoke, delicious start to finish, burns 100% clean, all white ash, oil ring, smooth as butter with a beautiful symphony of effects to compliment it. If you can get your hands on this one do it immediately. Shoutout to @mameys_bodega for blessing me up with the goods 🙏 #strainreview #champelli #cassis
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Check out more reviews by @cannasseur777 on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/cannasseur777)

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Check out more reviews by @cannasseur777 on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/cannasseur777)

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