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Concentrate Review: Canna Tsu Distillate by Curaleaf

Canna Tsu- 1:1 Distillate Lineage/Genetics: Cannatonic x Sour Tsunami Original Breeder: SOHUM Seeds (Lawrence Ringo) Grower: Curaleaf Processor: Curaleaf

Canna Tsu Distillate Review

canna tsu distillate by curaleaf concentrate review by shanchyrls 2THC: 43.8% CBD: 41.9% CBG: 1.3% Recommended time of use: late afternoon/night time as the high is fast and strong. This distillate can become very overwhelming for some, as so little is needed to reach desired comfort level. Head: thoughts slowed down and was able to have an open conversation through FaceTime, although it did make me kind off slow and sluggish Body: heavy body onset, and relaxation. Definately a coach lock strain, the feeling has a fast onset and reliefs discomfort within minutes of ingestion(depending on way of ingestion/inhalation) Creativity/talkative: Because this is a 1:1 strain, I was able to communicate effectively, but the heavy eyelids and couch lock sensation made sure I was aware of them. I would recommend this to anyone who has a high tolerance and just does not feel like smoking a whole Joint/Blunt, but would rather take a rice of grain dab at the correct temperature and you are golden! Hunger: I feel like due to the high amounts of CBD within the concentrate, it relaxes your body and mind so much that the hunger that is produced is out of this world, I could not go to sleep until I had food in my stomach. This is a concentrate I would recommend to anyone who suffers from any type of eating illness or problems. . . . . . Ignore hashtags 😅👎🏼 . . . . . . #sunshine #cannabis #cannabiscommunity #sunshinestate #medicalmarijuana #marijuana #mmj #florida #miami #miamibeach #review #indica #sativa #hybrid #cbd #thc #curaleaffl #instaweed #instapic #insta #instagram #instaphoto #pictureoftheday #picoftheday #pictureday #photography #followforfollowback #follow #cannabiseducation
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Check out more reviews by @shanchyrls on Instagram and the official website! (

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