Cultivar Review: Cherry Runtz by The Mechanics Farm

@doja.pak x @the_mechanics_farm2 – Cherry Runtz review — 🗽 drop recap —-

Lineage/Genetics: Cherry Pie x Runtz

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: The Mechanics Farm

Brand: Doja Exclusive

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Dispensary: Higher Empire

The Mechanics Farm Cherry Runtz Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review by Letmeseewhatusmokin

On 4/20 @doja.pak x @the_mechanics_farm2 had their anticipated drop @higher.empire . The starting lineup at point guard, NY cultivated Cherry 🍒 Runtz. At shooting guard Rainbow X, the forwards coffin ⚰️ cake and giraffe 🦒 p, the center Sweet Retreat. The vibes were history in the making, especially being the first time Doja Collabs with a NY cultivator, premiere on NY soil. Doja also had limited merch with the socks 🧦 and 4/20 limited Doja street runners T-shirt. The people came to support. Everything was sold out by the time I got there. @doja.pak open up some fresh batch of 🦒. I also ended up with the Cherry Runtz from @metro_budnyc on a 4/20 special . @higher.empire had it at as well but halfies & 🧅. Overall it was dope watching @the_mechanics_farm2 story manifest from the episode to reality. Shoutout to @doja.pak @dukeofdoja for creating the vision and making it happen. Big shoutout to @higher.empire for giving the opportunity to NY cultivators, a platform to shine ✨.

Cherry Runtz from @the_mechanics_farm2 compare to the one I had from California is way more dialed in on the smoke experience. The ash report came in a a scorching 85/15 more salt than pepper . The effects were a medium level cerebral high, average onset. The intake was smooth with cherry candy, limonene, caryophyllene sweet spice on the back end. The Cherry Runtz structure remind me of Mechanics version of life is not grapes, Bolo Runtz. My jar came with smallz and medium size nugs. Crystallize cassava color trichomes, avocado guacamole 🥑 color leaves 🍃 & calyx, Fanta orange color pistils. The overall high can last 2.5/3hrs. I experienced a great high, way better experience than the previous, Cherry Runtz. Not taking anything away from it. Some flowers is all about having that perfect batch. This NY Cherry Runtz is smoking, great smoking experience, the palate and taste lives up to the name, the effects are reasonable and worth the try. Big shoutout to @the_mechanics_farm2 for going mad genius on this batch. The last time I had cherry Runtz I rated it at 3.5… this Cherry Runtz – 5/5

Cherry Runtz Review by Robbreefa

Cherry Runtz (cherry pie x Runtz) from @the_mechanics_farm2 @doja.pak

Reefa Rating:
Memorable: ❎

Smell- sweet citrus tart mixed with a creamy gelato/Runtz aroma.

Look- So the size of the buds weren’t the best but the buds itself had an bright green appeal with purple hues and trichomes sticky to the touch. Slight sandiness after the squeeze.

Smoke& taste- smoke was enjoyable. A great smoke if your looking for something easy on the lungs and friendly to a novice palate. A savory citrus candy flavor is present on every pull.

High- Intense initial high at the beginning. Quickly mellows out. The potency is there but felt like it the high dissolves after bout 30-45mins.

Memorable- Though the whole rollout and collab was fire!! I can’t say I found anything too unique about the flower or smoke experience. It’s deff something I’d smoke again if presented with it.

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