Cultivar Review: Lemon Head by Heartrock Mountain Farm

The Lemon Head strain is award winning – This cultivar won 4th place at the Emerald Cup Awards Show 2023 and at the 1st Cured Cup that I got to try this smiling yellow head at, it took home 2nd place.

Lineage/Genetics: Tahoe OG X Chem Dawg X Ceazar OG

Original Breeder: Heartrock Mountain Farm

Grower: Heartrock Mountain Farm

Terpene Profile: Limonene Dominant

Lemon Head Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Long lasting limon and candy taste in the mouth. The joint tasted good all the way to the end. There’s an earthy back to the full bodied smoke.

When I come across this cultivar again, I’ll save it for the PM but it’s perfectly fine as a first smoke of the day if you’re up for it. For me, it caused me to break my fast. It uplifted my mood and there were a few minutes where I was cheesing. A tiny bit of time dilation – .95x speed.

I’ve got all the energy in the world – shaking legs and the whole nine yards but I’m a little stuck. The intrusive thought of the day is finding some real lemonheads to munch on.

Very relaxing but leaves the physical energy stores intact while mental energy stores are put behind some “are you sure you want to do that” red tape. Very enjoyable. Also got the love laughter to try out.

This isn’t my personal favorite from Heartrock, but I can see why it has got enough mass market appeal to both old school and new school to hit the bubble at The Emerald Cup. In fact, I’d dare say it’s the best candy to come off the hill since Z. Seriously, watch out for Heartrock Mountain Farm and the Lemon Head and if it isn’t on your local dispensary’s shelves… Ask for it by name – as they say.

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