Cultivar Review: RS11 by Logan Local

Well today I have finally got ahold of @doja.pak treat from @loganlocal47 that has been blazing trails from the west to the east coast. Yes people I’m talking about the RS11 aka Rainbow Sherbert #11 originally bred by @deofarms and @wizardtreez . This is a cross of Black Sherblato(Pheno of Gelato*Sherb aka Sunset Sherb BX)with a mix of Pink Guava(Napali Pink*Guava) and OZ Kush(Zkittlez*OG Eddy Lepp). This pheno hunt lead to multiple strains like RS #54 and #37 but the #11 was the one that quickly took center stage and has lead to new fire strains such as famed backcross the Zoap.

Lineage/Genetics: Black Sherblato (Sunset Sherbert Bx1) x OZK Guava v2 (Pink Guava x OZ Kush)

Original Breeder: Deep East x Wizard Trees

Grower: Logan Local

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Logan Local RS11 Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

rs11 by logan local strain review by theweedadvocate 2The bag includes very dense chunky arrowhead buds with a dark green and lavender color that is reminiscent of the classic Sunset Sherb. Although this cut has a brighter array of pinks and purple popping among the tangerine hairs with plenty more diamond speckled trichomes. Overall just a beautifully structured bud that is cured to perfection like plucking apart a cotton ball. 23/25

The nose is incredible with a rich sweet creaminess like breaking open a paleta at your local bodega. Once broken down that sweet sherb is blown wide open with the addition of some musky gas, dark berries, and just a touch of kush that just brings all that is good in exotics to this aroma. 24/25

The fun doesn’t stop there as the translation into flavor is impeccable with a chalky Neccos candy, sweet bubblegum, and that sherb on the inhale. On the exhale a bit of floral soap with that creamy Kush finish. Very complex layers of flavor that each hit can take on so many flavor combinations I can see why this has such a hype behind it and so far it doesn’t miss. The dry pull on the J is musky gassy berries that burns down to light grey ash and medium resin ring. 24/25

Now most of these exotic flavors come with a trade off and most times it comes with decreased strength and very short lived highs but this breaks the mold with true hybrid effects that start up top and flows seamlessly thru your body with a relaxing but never tired buzz that really can be used almost any time of the day with a 75-90 min high that keeps on kicking. 23/25

94 Points- Weed Advocate

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