Cultivar Review: Dark Karma by Fig Farms (aeriz)

Today we have all the way from the bay Dark Karma from Cali big hitters @fig.farms with a direct licensing thru @aeriz.official here in Illinois. It good to see they locked up with one of the few good cultivators in this state although just like all of the growers in this state, they produce some mediocre flower from time to time. It makes you wonder what is done on these contracts if they just send out clones for these cultivators to grow out on their own or if the send out a project manager to work with Aeriz thru the entire project. Since the translation with most of these companies never seems to be as good as the original product its always hard to expect the same quality here as we see in Cali. Now Dark Karma is a Fig Farm genetic they created by taking Amsterdam classic Dutch Treat(Northern Lights*Unknown Haze)and crossing it with @bodhiseeds Strange Love(GSC*Bubba Diesel).

Lineage/Genetics: Strange Love x Dutch Treat

Original Breeder: Fig Farms

Grower: aeriz

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Fig Farms (aeriz) Dark Karma Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

A 5 nug eighth of well cured and well frosted of both bright mint and dark sage colored buds. Rust colored hairs and long golden trichomes help create a nostalgic classic green bud. Definitely a great cross of old world vs new world genetics that shines thru in the appearance. 23/25

The nose out the jar is very light, unfortunately producing only light notes of muted pine and herbal mint. Its not until breakdown that the sweet banana the strain is known for come out. There is some light lemon cookie the rounds out the aroma. 18/25

The flavor come thru better than anticipated after first smell with the banana coming thru harder to a mix of butter cookies, lemon pine, and a spicy kick at the end. The dry pull on the J is lemon lime pine with herbal notes that burns down to dark salt n pepper ash with light resin ring. 20/25

Expect an evenly balanced high that hit mind and body with a quick acting rush that steers far from couch locked but not racy at all. Great for morning daytime use to get the start you need with clarifying effects that last 30-45 min so it does lack a bit of length. Hopefully they can dial things in as it looks great but still needs work to check off all the boxes. 20/25

81 points- Weed Advocate

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