Cultivar Review: Tres Leches Cake by Cresco Cannabis

We got ourselves a battle from two new strains to hit the Illini dispos. Next up from @crescoofficial we have their Tres Leches Cake, this is Triangle Mints(Triangle Kush*Animal Mints)backcross crossing the #3 pheno with Triangle Kush*Triangle Mints originally bred by @crescolab.

Lineage/Genetics: Triangle Mints Bx

Original Breeder/Grower: Cresco

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Tres Leches Cake Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

TLC-5 dense mini colas and 5 small popcorn of machine trimmed flower. Heavy frost on top of forest greens and lavender purps with a good amount of crimson red hairs.20/25

TLC- Classic pine and skunk out the jar with lingering wetness from a missed cure. Not much but just a touch of musty funk that is drawn back after breakdown turns to strong chem and petrol. 20/25

TLC-Heavy herbal pine that loses flavor quick after burning. A mix of spice and minty gas hit the mouth with a certain airiness that leaves your lungs wanting more. Dry pull on the J is sour pine that burns down to clean white ash with medium drip.20/25

TLC-Headband Sativa that wraps around the head before creeping up behind the eyes. Light relaxation but not much for pain.18/25


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