Cultivar Review: Sherbanger x Gelato 33 Pheno 1 by Bushwacker

Sherbanger x Gelato 33 (pheno 1 ) by @bushwacker_nyc

Lineage/Genetics – Sherbanger (Sunset sherb x Headbanger) x Gelato 33 ( Sunset Sherb x thin mint GSC)

Bred by: Boston Roots Seed Co.  @bostonrootsseedco2.0

Grower: Bushwacker @ Shaolin, NY

Terpene Profile: Unknown

@thenewyorkgrowerscup for the assist

Sherbanger x Gelato 33 Pheno 1 Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

@bushwacker_nyc comes back with the Sherbanger x Gelato 33 pheno hunt. He released 4 different phenos, all different in many ways. I started with Pheno no.1, from the jump caught the scent of a musky sherb x Gelato floral aroma. Followed by a headbanger biker og fuel odor . Pheno 1 has a dominant myrcene herbal musk of bay leaves & hint of fruit. The jar came with a 2g tester 1 medium size & two smaller ones to follow. The carrot 🥕 color pistils, lime color leaves, flurries of sugar cane color trichomes. The palate is a headbanger infested ⛽️ skunk diesel with a sweet floral sherb back taste. The effects are a heavy intense cerebral high, delayed onset. It sets in a little bit after half the joint with a euphoric heady & body high . The high lasted over 2 hrs. The ashes burned 50/50 equal salt & pepper. The inhale and exhale 😮‍💨 were smooth upon the intake. Overall pheno 1, held its own. The highlights are the effects, nose & palate. The appeal is not the most sexy, could of had a better trim . The burned could of been cleaner, beside that number 1 still put me out of my misery. Shoutout to @bushwacker_nyc for blessing this @bostonrootsseedco2.0 bred, NY cultivated gem 💎.. Pheno 1 — 4.5/5
Letmeseewhatusmokin Ratings

5- perfect smoke, appeal, effects, nose & palate
4.9- 4.5 —- close to perfect but not quite/
4.5-4- good but not close to perfect
4-3.5 — reasonable for ticket – room for improvement
3.5 – 3 – still reasonable, might be attracted by two – three things on the cultivar ..
3- 2.5 – needs work work work – (Rihanna voice)
2.5 – 2 – 1 — needs to be revamped or probably should be cut off

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Check out more reviews by @letmeseewhatusmokin on Instagram and Social Club! ( Also letmeseewhatusmokin2 for the backup.

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Check out more reviews by @letmeseewhatusmokin on Instagram and Social Club! ( Also letmeseewhatusmokin2 for the backup.

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