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Cultivar Review: Watermelon Rush #1 by The Godmother’s Garden

#WatermelonRush 1 by @thegodmothersgarden Lineage – Watermelon Zkittles x Tropicana Zkittles Breeder: Tiki MadMan  @tikimadmanseedz Hunted & selected by: Mile High Dave 420 @milehighdave420 Grower: The Godmother’s Garden Terpene Profile: Unknown

Watermelon Rush #1 Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

watermelon rush #1 by the godmother's garden strain review by letmeseewhatusmokin Legend has it , there’s a lady by the name of @thegodmothersgarden cultivating the most exclusive, unique flowers in nyc 🗽. One of the winners of @thenewyorkgrowerscup, representing bk to the fullest. I had the chance to interview the cultivator and speak about her brand and origins. Finally gain the opportunity to review her work. During the interview, I tried her version of Dante’s Inferno. The smoke experience and structure were on the money. I didn’t take the time to review, due to being high previously. This time I get to review the Watermelon Rush 1, bred by @tikimadmanseedz . Watermelon 🍉 Rush is the double combination of two different type of Zs, hunted and selected by @milehighdave420. The Watermelon Zkittles x Tropicana Zkittles equals candy on steroids . The nugs were a 5/5 from the start is one of the main reason for this review. Red onion color hues, sharp cheddar color pistils, cucumber color leaves, trichomes sparkling on this exotic fruity flower. The scent is a jolly rancher, sweet limonene, earthy soil Zkittles infused aroma. The flower produces a mesmerizing aromatic fragrance that constantly had me smelling the plant. The palate consist of a myrcene sweet berry back end spicy caryophyllene . It’s like tasting a watermelon 🍉 jolly rancher. The effects are cerebral, immediate onset, 4-5 pulls in. The taste also lingers after every take . I felt the intense heady high around half the sesh. Followed by a medium level body high. Overall the high can last about 3 hrs. The smoke experience is pleasant and memorable. The smoothness on the inhale, followed by a spicy sweetness on the exhale. The ashes burned 60/40, smoked it on @elementspapers 5/5 on the burn. In conclusion, Watermelon 🍉 Rush 1 made it to my list of top favorites of this year. WR1 has the appeal, the nose, the palate and effects are out of this world. I recommend for night smoke 💨, gave me the munchies. I also suffered from eyes low syndrome and a creative high. Shoutout to @thegodmothersgarden 🫡- Watermelon Rush – 5/5 5- perfect smoke, appeal, effects, nose & palate 4.9- 4.5 —- close to perfect but not quite/ 4.5-4- good but not close to perfect 4-3.5 — reasonable for ticket – room for improvement 3.5 – 3 – still reasonable, might be attracted by two – three things on the cultivar .. 3- 2.5 – needs work work work – (Rihanna voice) 2.5 – 2 – 1 — needs to be revamped or probably should be cut off
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Check out more reviews by @lms1__186 on Instagram and Social Club! ( Also for the backup.
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Check out more reviews by @lms1__186 on Instagram and Social Club! ( Also for the backup. Social Club:

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