Cultivar Review: Sugar Berry Scone by Louis VuChron

Sugar Berry Scone

Lineage/Genetics: (Grape Pie x Thin Mint GSC)

Grower: Louis VuChron @lvc.notaweedaccount.pdx ✨

Original Breeder: Unknown

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Louis VuChron Sugar Berry Scone Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

sugar berry scone by louis vuchron strain review by pnw.chronic 2

Sugar Berry Scone has absurd visual appeal. The base coloration is a resplendent, neon green hue covered with patchwork dark violet leafage. The color composition gives the buds a spotted, checkerboard-like patterning, accented with a luminous silver sheen from the trichome crystals that collect in crevices between the foliage. The heads on the trichomes are so large and shiny that they look like a granular sugar coating the outside of the flower 🤩

The SBS has a spectacular fragrance. Its succulent and sweet with a white grape and mixed berry forward accompanied by a delicate, doughy undercurrent. The fruity side of the aroma has deeper notes of bitter, sour fruit rind, while the doughy side is exceedingly pasty like. Breaking nugs open releases a titillating wave candied sugar. Altogether, the presentation is reminiscent of an actual pastry, like a turnover that’s been stuffed with grape and berry compote and rolled in raw sugar 🍇

The taste on SBS is entirely exquisite. A delectable, confectionary dough flavor flows over the palette, matched with a refreshing blast of overripe berries and grapes. The flower has a sweet, sugary zest that envelops the taste buds and can be felt on the lips while smoking. The profile is dynamic, evolving as it burns, into a diesel-soaked cookie dough flavoring accented by nuanced notes of white grape, cinnamon, powdered sugar, and coriander 🍪

The effect on SBS is sublime. It’s a well balanced, euphoria-inducing high that eases feelings of muscle tension and pain in the body. It is a relaxing and satisfying effect with only minor couch-lock and sluggishness. The flower is soft and somewhat fluffy in terms of texture, but with a baseline density to the structure. It burns flawlessly and smoothly all the way to the filter 😶‍🌫️

All in all, Sugar Berry Scone is a phenomenal cultivar. It checks all of the boxes with ease while providing a top-notch expression that is both distinct and authentic. The aromatics and flavors from the Grape Pie and GSC lineages dovetail together perfectly, blending into this delightful and enchanting presentation 🔥

sugar berry scone by louis vuchron strain review by pnw.chronic 3

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