Cultivar Review: Mimosa Juicy Fruit x Rainbow Dosi (MJxRD) by Boring Glory

Mimosa Juicy Fruit x Rainbow Dosi by @boring_glory_llc ✨

Lineage/Genetics: Mimosa Juicy Fruit x Rainbow Dosi

Original Breeder/:Unknown

Grower: Boring Glory

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Mimosa Juicy Fruit x Rainbow Dosi Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

mimosa juicy fruit x rainbow dosi by boring glory strain review by pnw.chronic 2

MJxRD has outstanding bag appeal. The synthesis of lime green and violet leafage, tangerine pistils, and trichome crystals generates a bright, pastel coloration. Pistil fibers accumulate in entwined patches, while profuse trichomes cake each nug, encrusting them in a shimmering silver sheen. These dense, medium-to-large-sized pieces of eye candy are just visually remarkable 😍

The MJxRD has an incredible nose on it. The fragrance is soft and sweet with substantial layers of pine, lemon, melon, and orange citrus. Breaking the flower down further extrapolates doughy, sugary candy notes, along with a pervasive kerosene undercurrent that permeates the profile. The flower leaves a cloying sweet smell on the fingers and marks the nostrils with a kaleidoscope of fruity zest. It reminds me of yellow starbursts and skittles in a way that stimulates my salivary glands 🌲

MJxRD has a dynamic and indulgent flavor on it. The inhale is teeming with pine, lemon, soft citrus, and honey dew. The exhale, in contrast, is more sweetened, with confectionary notes of sugar and an effervescent doughiness that gives the taste a clean, freshened quality. A penetrating, spiced gas manifests as the flower burns, integrating with the pine and lemon to increase the overall astringency of the smoke. The taste reminds me of candied lemon drops and lemon bar cake 🍋

The effect on MJxRD is striking. It’s a heady, cognitively disorienting, high that feels cerebrally pleasing while also easing tension in the body. It’s effective without inducing too much couch lock or tiredness after smoking. The flower is not sticky, slightly more-so when broken down, and generates a small amount of large kief granules. The flower burns flawlessly and slowly to the last hit 😶‍🌫️

All in all, I loved smoking through the MJxRD. It hits every criterion on the list easily. The combination of aromatics and tastes on display is vaguely reminiscent of an old school haze, but the quality of smoke, the robustness of the profile, and the nuance of flavor is more multidimensional and intricate than that. Phenomenal work from Boring 🔥

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