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Cultivar Review: The Jealous Pound Cake by The Mechanics Farm

The Jealous Pound Cake aka jealousy pound cake by @the_mechanics_farm2 Lineage/Genetics – London Pound Cake x Jealousy f3 Cultivated in NY by The Mechanics Farm Bred by Seed Junky Genetics @seedjunky_jbeezy Terpene Profile: Unknown

The Jealous Pound Cake Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

the jealous pound cake by the mechanics farm strain review by letmeseewhatusmokin One of the perks of hosting interviews & writing reviews is getting samples of the new flavors that are hitting the scene. I had the chance to get a preview of @the_mechanics_farm2, The Jealous Pound Cake. The Jealous Pound Cake by @the_mechanics_farm2 is the cross between two heavyweights, Jealousy and London Pound Cake. Mechanic used Coco medium to grow this eastcoast cultivated Zalympix entry. The nugs have an impressive structure. The trichomes are shining like city lights in the night, fire orange color pistils, spring green color 🍃. The scent is a musky, Dijon, fuel, pungent dough aroma. The flower has a strong Dijon mustard odor . The jealousy overpowers the scent, the London pound is shown on the structure. The palate is over dominated by a sunset sherb of the LPC in the beginning, then converts to a jealousy gas towards the middle of the sesh. I tasted musky, sweet Gelato, earthy flavors. The effects are medium heavy level cerebral high. The buzz starts around 7- pulls in, overall high can last about 2.5 hrs.The smoke experience revolves around a smoothness on the intake and sweetness on the inhale. Followed by the bitter fuel of the jealousy on the exhale 😮‍💨. The ashes report showed a statistic of 70/30 at first, turning into 60/40 around mid sesh. Overall the Jealous Pound Cake didn’t disappoint. The appeal is 5/5, the scent and palate is 5/5, the effects are 5/5. This is one of my favorites from @the_mechanics_farm2 beside his version of Life is not grape’s Bolo Runtz. The Jealous Pound Cake is the best of both world with a twist. I also love the fact that is east coast cultivated and has the potency, flavors, nose and appeal. Shoutout to @the_mechanics_farm2 for blessing me with this glorious flower . Stay tuned for his interview on @reefaradio_ coming soon. His drop with @doja.pak @higher.empire for 4/20 week. —- The Jealous Pound Cake – 5/5 the jealous pound cake by the mechanics farm strain review by letmeseewhatusmokin 2 . Music by @imperetiv

Jealousy Pound Cake Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Jealousy pound cake (London pound cake x jealousy) grown by @the_mechanics_farm2 Reefa Rating: Smell:✅ Look:✅ Smoke:✅ Taste:✅ High:✅ Memorable: ✅ Smell- heavy cake desert aroma mixed with some earthyness Look- Impressive! Bright green, light greys, trichs so nice almost makes you not want to crush it up, but I did! Smoke- smooth inhale &exhale Taste- tasty cake like sweetness with a mouth coating earthiness. High- after smoking this i was like a zombie Ngl Lmfaoo, shit will have you clapped! To me that and the duration of the high was one of the biggest take aways Memorable- this one had me high and zoned out and it lasted for hours. That’s what really got me cuz I’ve been clapped before but it’s been a while since it’s lasted all damn day!! Smh get in tune w bro! #robbreefa #reefaradio #themechanicsfarm#londonpoundcake #strainreviews #explore #explorerpage
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