Cultivar Review: Yeti Breath by Revolution Cannabis

Today’s bud battle is two of the four brand new cultivars from @revolutioncanna they dropped on the same day. I pitted the two hybrids of the group, Rev’s very own genetic Yeti Breath, which is a cross of GG4(Sour Dubb*Chocolate Diesel*Chem’s Sister).

Lineage/Genetics: GG4 x Yuck Mouth

Original Breeder: Revolution Cannabis

Grower: Revolution Cannabis

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Yeti Breath Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

yeti breath by revolution cannabis strain review by theweedadvocateBAG APPEAL

YB- 6 medium sized golden green nugs exhibiting small signs of botrytis/bud rot. Well cured with shaggy brownish red hairs and good sheet of tiny very crystalline looking trichomes. 19/25


YB- Earthy sour kush and bitter dark chocolate out the jar that breaks up into more musky skunky old fashioned GG4 aromas with a sugar snap cookie finish. 22/25


YB- Good mix of savory GMO garlicky onion and earthy glue. Dry pull of leather musk, fermented black garlic, and sour skunk that burns down to light grey ash with thick resin ring. 22/25


YB- Good lineage leads to very good high from top to bottom this one hits on all levels fast with its mood elevating and pain relieving effects. Expect the buzz to not only peak quickly but lasts about 1-1.5 hrs. 24/25

YB- 87 Points

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