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Dab Review: Clementine Kush Live Badder by Organic Alternatives

Clementine Kush live badder of course by @organicalternatives_co Lineage/Genetics: Tangerine Sunrise x Gupta Kush Original Breeder: Colorado Seed Grower: Organic Alternatives Processor: Organic Alternatives

Clementine Kush Live Badder Review

The name is pretty expressive in terms of its smell. Like a tangerine ice cream and a hint of skunk. Orrrr I guess you could also say an old orange🤣 The terpene profile (based on my own intuition) seems to be very heavy in Myrcene and limonene, the high proves it. It’s an extremely hazy and energetic high, though it relaxes your body and makes you stare at the wall for a few seconds before you realize that you’re staring at nothing. Something about this terpene profile makes me feel more myself
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Check out more reviews by @no.mids on Instagram! (

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