Dab Review: MAC n Cheese Live Resin by Organic Alternatives

MAC n Cheese live resin (basically ambrosia) from @organicalternatives_co

Lineage/Genetics: The Mac x Alien Cheese

Original Breeder: Capulator

Grower: Organic Alternatives

Processor: Organic Alternatives

MAC n Cheese Live Resin Review

If you haven’t noticed I’ve been really loving these guys. They keep several strains in rotation and have a few new ones here and there but the grams never fail to be terpy and potent.

The terpene profile is surprisingly very sweet contrary to its parents, minus MACs creaminess. It’s like a mixture of Brie cheese melted onto an orange. The testing says that it’s heavy in pinene with smaller amounts of caryophyllene and Myrcene. The ~7% CBG-A content was easy to feel as the high settled in slowly. It hits you once it does though, and you may fall asleep if you’re sitting for too long

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Check out more reviews by @no.mids on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/no.mids)

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