Dab Review: Dawgwalker Live Budder by Echo Electuary

This Echo Electuary x Bonafide Cannabis Dawgwalker (Albert Walker x Chemdawg) live budder has a strong earthy kush smell 🌱🌲🐕🍋⛽🤤 It’s one of my favorite profiles and I was very happy when I opened the jar and was greeted by it 😋

Lineage/Genetics: Albert Walker x Chemdawg

Grower/Processor: Bonafide/Echo Electuary

Delivered By: The Potland

Dawgwalker Live Budder Review

The budder is more like a sauce than a budder (Budder Sauce?) But it’s not terribly difficult to work with when you stir it up. The color of the budder is very light.

Unfortunately when I dabbed the Dawgwalker it was pretty harsh and the profile just wasn’t quite right for me. I’m having trouble describing what’s off about it, and it was a little disappointing to me because the nose was so good. I found that if I was very careful and took my dabs colder the flavor was a bit better but it was still harsh on my throat. The high was very nice though ☺️ Super stoney with very nice full body relief 🤗

Overall I don’t know how I feel about this Dawgwalker 🤔 Nose and high were amazing but it just didn’t smoke how I expected/wanted it to. I wouldn’t get another one and I don’t think I can recommend it either.

Made 8/12/21

Tested 8/26/21 SC Labs


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