Dab Review: Don Mega Live Rosin by Tao Bubble

Don Mega (GMO x Black Banana) by @tao.bubble grown by @choicefarmsor bred by @solfiregardens2019 ✨

Lineage/Genetics: (GMO x Black Banana)

Breeder: Solfire Gardens

Grower: Choice Farms

Processor: Tao Bubble

Teprene Profile: Unknown

Tao Bubble Don Mega Live Rosin Review

don mega live rosin by tao bubble concentrate review by pnw_chronic 2The Don Mega is a stunning blonde full spectrum live rosin. It’s a stable batter with a cookie dough like consistency that is slightly sticky but still sufficiently malleable. The concentrate has a thoroughly wet sheen across its surface that is eye-catchingly captivating. Overall, the rosin has an enchanting and inviting visual appearance 🤩

The nose on the Don Mega is funky, elaborate, and invigorating. It has a faintly acerbic chem and petrol forward that’s undercut with garlic and tangy citrus. It also has vague notes of sweet candy, polyethylene, and spice that fill out the rest of the profile. The balanced composition of old school chem, gym sock locker room GMO, and sour citrus terps make for a festival of funk that stings the nose in the best way. I found myself having a difficult time sorting through the profile because of its complexity, but it was so enjoyable to do so all the same ⛽️

The taste on the Don Mega is superlative, as the name suggest. It translates well from the aroma, meaning it is an exquisitely gassy and overtly funky flavor. The rosin has a mouthwateringly savory quality to it, as well as a chem heavy after taste that paints the palette for an extended amount of time after consuming. The rosin is decadent and flavorful, even when dabbed at higher temperatures 👅

The high on the Don Mega is powerful. It hits with an immediate pressure behind the forehead and head fuzziness without too much cognitive debilitation. I felt a soft feeling of relieved pressure in my neck and back shortly after taking the first dab. The concentrate burns average in terms of cleanliness. It had minor harshness when dabbed at higher temperatures, but provided an entirely satisfying dabbing experience 😶‍🌫️

All in all, I really enjoyed the Don Mega. It checks all of the boxes for me. I found the smell and flavor was my favorite feature, but it also hits with a long lasting prominent high that’s notable. I’ve had several concentrates from Taos solventless line and they have all been great 🔥


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Check out more reviews by @pnw_chronic on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/pnw_chronic)

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