Dab Review: Gelato Cake Water Rosin by Soiku Bano

Just wow! 😳 I’m absolutely blown away by this Gelato Cake water hash from @soiku.bano 👏.

Lineage/Genetics: Wedding Cake x Gelato #33

Original Breeder: Elev8 Seeds

Processor: Soiku Bano

Gelato Cake Water Hash Review

I’m going in about 5-10 sec later than I typically do even with full melt, and getting so many different flavor notes.

This is definitely the best cut of Gelato Cake I’ve tried; its got layers of funk, but no part of the flavor is overpowering or gross, they all blend together to make an unrivaled depth in taste 🤤.

The effects are incredibly calming and good for some much-needed pain relief 🙏.

#fullmelt #waterhash #solventless #mmj



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