Dab Review: Dosi D’oh Rosin by Nokhu Labs

This is the Dosi D’oh rosin from a Fort Collins local hash company, Nokhu [email protected]!

Lineage/Genetics: Dosidos x Ethos Kush

Original Breeder: Unknown

Processor: Nokhu Labs

Dosi D’oh Rosin Review

I’m a huge fan of Dosidos and all of its crosses, and always enjoy trying some new hash rosin 😎.

This is one of my favorite consistencies for hash rosin hands down, as soon as I opened it, this gram was straight up sweating terps 🥵.

It tastes like petrol and dough though, with exactly the type of full-bodied high that I was hoping for 👏.

#solventless #hashrosin #mmj #cannabiscommunity



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