Dab Review: Melon Chunkz Live Rosin by Leiffa

Melon Chunkz (Watermelon ZumZum x Fireball) from @leiffaconcentrates 🍈🔥

Lineage/Genetics: Watermelon ZumZum x Fireball

Original Breeder: Dying Breed Seeds

Processor: Leiffa Concentrates

Melon Chunkz Live Rosin Review

Leiffa is becoming a go-to for me, with a solid variety of strains and remarkable consistency and pricing!

This strain is incredibly stable, to the point where I let the second gram sit out for 48 hrs before dabbing it.

It was still brittle, but easier to work with and very flavorful.

The high is a down the middle hybrid feel, good for any time of day but super potent 😵.

I loved this one, it’s definitely another strain to put in rotation from Leiffa 👏.

#cannabiscommunity #710 #solventless #hashrosin

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Check out more reviews by @austnpickett on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/austnpickett)

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Check out more reviews by @austnpickett on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/austnpickett)

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