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Strain Review: Cannaradosi by Firelands Scientific

Cannaradosi Review Lineage/Genetics: Dosidos x TK91 Indica or Sativa: Indica dominant Hybrid Original Breeder: Cannarado Genetics Grower: Firelands Scientific Dispensary: Terrasana

Cannaradosi Strain Review

cannaradosi by firelands scientific strain review by greenbuckeyereviews 2Cannaradosi by @firelandsscientific is a pungent cross between Dosidos and TK-91 (according to cannarado genetics info) delivering a classic couch locked and mind numbing high. With an intense diesel taste and hints of mint and citrus, it can be a rough vapor to acclimate to. The buds are of varying size as you can see, nicely dusted in trichomes, but rather dry. Like much of what’s out there still, you’ll want to toss a humidifier pack in there for a bit. Considering how widespread the dryness issue is with Ohio cultivators, it’s not a big deal, just not ideal, and I’ve had sticky strains from firelands before (Guice was always very sticky). Despite the dryness, the flavor and smell is still intact, but the extra moisture does smoothen the vapor considerably. Dominant in myrcene, the waves of relaxation wash from your head through your body backed up by what I’d guess is limonene, helping to elevate mood. Good for muscle tension, insomnia, pain, nausea and appetite, and anxiety in my experience. This batch comes in at 22.20% THC, squeaking in just under Tier 2, so if this is one you like I’d recommend buying in bulk to get that break in the days it’s worth against the 90. If they package a 1/2oz for a decent price, I’ll definitely be buying. Purchased (for a good price) at @terrasanacc Garfield. #cannabis #cannabisreviews #ohiommj #ohiostoners #cannabiscures #marijuana #marijuanareviews #medicalmarijuana
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Check out more reviews by @greenbuckeyereviews on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/greenbuckeyereviews)

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