Dab Review: Mai Tai Creamsicle Live Resin by Kush Masters

This Mai Tai Creamsicle live resin is absolute perfection, from @kush.masters 🤤.

Lineage/Genetics: Grape Pie x Creamsicle

Original Breeder: Kush Masters

Grower/Processor: Kush Masters

Mai Tai Creamsicle Live Resin Review

Once I made myself stop sniffing the jar and finally took a dab, I was hit with overwhelming Creamsicle terps and hints of fruity fuel on the exhale 💨.

The effects hit right away, but still manage to build over time ⬆️⏱️.

An absolute knockout batch for sure!

Swipe for a meltshot if that’s your thing 😎

#liveresin #710community #mmj #coloradodabbers



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