Dab Review: Peach MAC Live Resin by Viola

Peach MAC (Sex On the Peach x MAC) by @viola_colorado

Lineage/Genetics: Sex on the Peach x MAC

Original Breeder: Unknown

Processor: Viola

Peach MAC Live Resin Review

This one holds a special place in my rotation now. The crosses for one are some of their best strains, sex on the peach is like a straight peach ring and MAC obviously is very earthy and creamy.

This one has a heavy heavy smell, combining the earthiness of the MAC with the sweet and gassy fruit of SOTP. Likely high in aldehydes based on the heavier musk that overcasts the rest of the smell.

The high is extremely euphoric and can put you down if you’re already tired, based on the smell and high it has a lot of limonene and Myrcene. Other terps I would have to inspect a bit more to find out 🤷🏻‍♂️😂



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