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Dab Review: Rainbow Cheddar Badder by Green Dot Labs

Zkittlez is one of those strains I love best when crossed with something else, so as soon as this Rainbow Cheddar (Cheese x Zkittlez) appeared nearby I couldn’t get some fast enough. @greendotlabsboulder knocked it out of the park with this one! Lineage/Genetics: Cheese x Zkittlez Original Breeder: Unknown Processor: Green Dot Labs

Rainbow Cheddar Badder Review

As a parent strain, Cheese brings a comfy physical heaviness along with pungent and funky terps. The Zkittlez half balances this out with a peaceful headiness and that classic sugary, sweet taste. This creates some hash with real depth in flavor, and a very evenly balanced and potent high that’s great for relieving stress. This is seriously top shelf quality, all the way from genetics to the badder consistency. I’m very glad I ended up getting 2 grams 😅 It was good to see it restock yesterday, so I decided to mix up my own 3g bucket! This live badder is helping me not only manage my RA pain, but stay sane during what feels like an eternity of being quarantined. This is not a great time in history to be immune-compromised 😂🤦🏻‍♂️. #strainreview #greendotlabs #cannabiscommunity
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Check out more reviews by @austnpickett on Instagram! (

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