Dab Review: Sour GMO Live Resin by Viola

Before I start, this may be the most impressive gram I’ve had from viola in a while. Sour GMO (Sour Diesel x GMO) @viola_colorado caught my attention because 1. GMO is one of their best strains and 2. With the crosses I knew it was gonna be PUNGENT. GMO is already my favorite strain, but sour diesel I’ve never liked idk it has never really seemed to work with my ECS very well, until I had this.

Lineage/Genetics: Sour Diesel x GMO

Original Breeder: Unknown

Processor: Viola

Sour GMO Live Resin Review

The dominant terpenes I found are caryophyllene, Myrcene, and limonene. All 3 work very well together in the taste and smell

The GMO in this is a really funky sweet cut, kinda like a caramelized onion but the sour d has a super aggressive bitter vinegar sting, the smell in turn is like a GMO sandwich with GMO as the bread. Just layers of it. Taste wise its sweeter like a sausage gravy kinda. What I love about GMO is how much it ruminates after the dab. Every time I breathe out of my nose I smell it

The high is incredible, I feel really happy and hazy but it’s also electric. Not the kind of energy I would expect to get from the overlaying stone that I feel, it’s like complete saturation over your brain without incapacitation. 1000/10 would get this again and you should find it somewhere it’s a must

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