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Drinkable Review: Volcanic Orange Mango Drink by Major

Edibles don’t usually get me high and so I don’t spend my money on them. So today I asked for an edible drink and the budtender says, “Are you planning on drinking the whole thing.” This was my plan and I said, “Yes!” Follow me he said. Then halfway walking to the glass cabinet in the center of the store he paused and said, “do you have a high tolerance.” I do. It’s part of why edibles have never effected me. Yes! I said. The budtender opened the glass cabinet and said this is 100 milligrams and I’m really liking this right now. There are two flavors, Orange Mango and Pink Lemonade. The bottle has a measuring cap for starting slow which you should always do with edibles unless you’re a tank like me. I also picked up some EHO from Orgrow and Cascadia Gardens bud so stay tuned for more reviews!!!!! Brand: Major Dispensary: The Herbery

Major Volcanic Orange Mango Drinkable Review

volcanic orange mango by major drinkable review by 502strainsheet 2This mix is potent and concentrated but it doesn’t have to be mixed into another drink because it tastes so good. The effects are a hybrid and this is the first edible to actually work for me. We got about 8 shots between me and my dad. Shoutout to SoRSE and @sorsetech for the great edible!!!! STRAIN: MAJOR ORANGE MANGO DRINK FLAVOR: VOLCANIC ORANGE MANGO POTENCY: TOTAL THC 100.0mg AROMA: ORANGES FLAVOR: ORAGE AFTERTASTE AND SLIGHT DISTILLATE TASTE EFFECTS: ENERGETIC, EVEN BODY HIGH AND CLEAR HEADED HIGH. SATIVA HYBRID EXTRACTION METHOD: CO2 PESTICIDES: PRODUCER: KNIGHTS HEMPLAR PROCESSOR: GREENMED LAB FOLLOW: @sorsetech #Weededibles #edibledrinks #edibles #SoRSE #MajorOrangeMango #i502 #Seattlestoners #cannabiscommunity #Weedstagram #WeedPorn #Terpenes #Cannabinoids #CBD #THC #420 #710 #420society #710society #LegalCannabis #Legalizeit
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Check out more reviews by @502strainsheet on Instagram! (

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